Non-isolated stimulators

One-channel non-isolated stimulatorOne-channel non-isolated stimulator

The devices (EXP-ST-0X products) are produced in one-, two- and four-channel designs. The mutual characteristics of the devices are the identical stimulus impulse and performance parameters. They are without isolation, operating from the electrical system.

The MCU controlling unit is built into one rack with the one- or two-channel stimulators and supplied separately in case of four-channel stimulator.



Non-isolated stimulators  
Max. output performance 10 W/ch
Impulse rise/fall 10μsec/100V
Voltage output  
   Max output voltage ±10V, ±100V
   Max. current load ±100mA
   Output protection Short-circuit protected
Current output  
   Max. output current ±10mA, ±100mA
   Max output voltage ±100V
   Output protection Short-circuit protected
Output connector Banana plug (4mm)
Input connector 9-pole D-SUB (Cannon)
Power supply 110V or 220V, 50/60 Hz

Available models

EXP-ST-01 One-channel non-isolated stimulator with built-in MCU controlling unit

EXP-ST-02 Two-channel non-isolated stimulator with built-in MCU controlling unit

EXP-ST-04 Four-channel non-isolated stimulator with MCU controlling unit


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Note: experiments were performed with different types of stimulators.


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