Isolated nerve tissue systems

Our in-vitro isolated nerve tissue systems support different methodologies:

 Release nerve tissue 01

In-vitro superfusion system (Release technique)

Examination and experimental influencing of neurotransmitter release is essential for studying information transfer between nerve cells and neural regulation of other organs.

 Cortical wedge 01

In-vitro superfusion system (Wedge technique)

The dual-chamber in-vitro perfusion system was developed from the combination of two well-known techniques (wedge evoked potential measurement and neurotransmitter release).

The mounting frames of the different systems are the same so the tissue chambers of the chosen methodologies can be easily exchanged by each other. This solution allows the easy and quick expansion of the systems (if the customer requires) or in case of failure on any element the troubleshooting can be done simply. A major and important property of the systems is the thermal stability (0,1ºC), the possibility of collecting the extracted neurotransmitters and a reliable efficiency passage unit for radio-labelling.

In-vitro superfusion system
(Release technique) 

the solutions of the in-vitro superfusion release technique result in a system which is easy to use and can be assembled in a mobile way.

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In-vitro superfusion system
(Cortical Wedge technique)

the in-vitro two-chamber superfusion system is one of the most important members of the MDE GmbH nerve tissue examination equipment.

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