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Complete research assemblies developed by MDE GmbH provide the entire range of in-vitro and in-vivo methodological background for pharmacology and physiology research areas.

  • Isolated heart perfusion systems: for Langendorff examination of small mammal hearts with working heart option
  • Isolated organ perfusion systems: for the examination of liver or kidney
  • Isolated muscle tissue systems: for the examination of smooth or striated muscle tissues
  • Isolated nerve tissue systems: for in-vitro neural research on brain slices or spinal cord tissues
  • In-vivo cardiac systems
  • In-vivo smooth muscle myography systems: for gastrointestinal and urogenital studies
  • Combined behavior systems
  • Zebrafish systems: for cardiac, behavior and cellular investigations
  • Small vessel myograph systems
  • Telemetry systems: for the investigation of smooth muscles and neural research
  • Special systems: for specific examinations

Isolated heart perfusion systems

Isolated heart perfusion systems

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Isolated nerve tissue sytems borito

Isolated nerve tissue systems

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Modular tissue cover

Isolated muscle tissue systems

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Isolated muscle borito

Small vessel myograph systems

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Zebrafish systems


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