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Neuropathies - A Global Clinical Guide

Neuropathies - A Global Clinical GuideNeuropathies - A Global Clinical GuideTitle: Neuropathies - A Global Clinical Guide
Writer: Kempler Péter, dr.
Price: 18,50 EUR

The book is available in Hungarian language too.

Although the training in and the therapy of neuropathy is of outstanding level in Hungary, even by international measures, this frontier specialty of medicine does not receive proper attention either in medical education or in everyday clinical practice.

This volume has been authored by 28 internationally renowned, key opinion leaders in Hungary, with the objective of providing readers with a comprehensive review of neuropathies of diverse aetiology – from somatic to autonomic.

It is unique in its undertaking to epitomize the diverse and complex syndromes of nervous system impairment in a holistic but essentially medical approach. Although diabetic neuropathy is at the centre of the discussion, a number of other disease forms are expounded in detail.
These include the variants associated with alcoholic or non-alcoholic liver disease, haematological conditions, chronic renal impairment, immunological and central nervous disorders, along with neuropathy in paediatric and adolescent patients, as well as the complex challenge of the diabetic foot. In addition to this wealth of information, there is an in-depth treatise on current therapeutic options, complete with theoretical and practical guidance based on the latest scientific data and findings from clinical studies.

This book may well attract the attention of professionals from many specialties, such as of diabetologists, neurologists, family practitioners, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, and all clinicians involved in the management of patients with neuropathy.

Release Date: 2012
Dimensions: 125 x 200 mm
Pages: 436
ISBN 978-615-5005-23-7

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