Amplifier for intracellular measurements

Amplifier for intracellular measurementsAmplifier for intracellular measurements

The amplifier is primarily suitable for the examination of the heart cells, but it can also be used for intracellular measurement of other organs (e.g.: spinal cord, brain, etc.). The amplifier is characterized by large input resistance (1012Ώ) with a low noise capacity and zero level stability. To achieve these favourable parameters we have chosen linear amplifier solution with reference artificial ground solution. The services of the amplifier (capacity compensation, resistance measurement, DC electrode contact potential cancellation) are controlled by the fixed resistance (1Ώ) reference artificial ground.

The amplifier consists of two units; the" INTE" large input resistance pre-amplifier, which can be directly connected with the electrode sleeve (types: WPI, Harvard, Clark etc.) , and the end-amplifier, which includes the previously described circuit elements and provides the connection to data visualizing, storing and evaluating hardware/software systems.



Amplifier for intracellular measurements  
Input resistance 1012Ω asymmetric
Input capacity-compensated 0–25pF
Input leaking current ±10pA
Input voltage range ±5V
Amplification x1, x10
Output resistance 100Ω, asymmetric
Reference artificial ground
DC positioning (Bucking) ±300mV
Resistance measurement 1MΩ–100MΩ
Calibration signal 100mV/200Hz square wave
Display 3,5 digit
Power supply 110V or 220V 50Hz

Available models

EXP-INT-1 Intracellular amplifier (1-channel)

EXP-INT-2 Intracellular amplifier (2-channel)

EXP-INT-4 Intracellular amplifier (4-channel)

You can find the optional accessories by clicking here

SEN-27 Ag/AgCl reference electrode

SEN-12-12 Ball-mounted manipulator (360° movement, self-righting) platinum stimulating electrode (for details see SEN-12-K01 datasheet)

MAN-09-XX Three-plane 1µm precision manipulator with magnetic base (for details see MAN-09-K01 datasheet)

ISO-03-XX Vibration-free workstation with organ bath (5 or 10ml) with buffer or pump

ISO-01-XX Externally thermostated horizontal organ bath (5 or 10ml)

FAR-01-01 Faraday cage (80x50x120cm)

Glass capillaries


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