Amplifier for measuring respiratory rate

Amplifier for measuring respiratory rateAmplifier for measuring respiratory rate



The unit can only be operated on anesthetized species. The external diameter of the tracheal cannula developed to this unit, determines on what species the unit can be used. The present design allows four applications (rat, rabbit, dog, pig). The removable thermo sensor is placed in the cannula, which measures the respiratory rate based on the temperature difference of the air coming from the lungs. The sensor is interchangeable and can be connected to any tracheal cannula. In case of failure the replacement can be performed without calibration.




Amplifier for measuring respiratory rate  
Measurement range 2–200 respiratory rate/min
Calibration GND; 100%
Sensitivity 1V=100%=100 respiratory rate/min
Display Respiratory rate display with LED diode
Input connector 6,3 Jack
Output connector 6,3 Jack
Power supply 110V or 220V, 50/60 Hz

Available models

EXP-LH-1 Respiratory rate measurer amplifier (1-channel)

You can find the optional accessories by clicking here

SEN-08-XX Respiratory sendor (for details see SEN-08-K01 datasheet)


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Note: experiments were performed with differnet types of amplifiers.


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