Amplifier for measuring temperature

Amplifier for measuring temperatureAmplifier for measuring temperature



The unit is suitable for 0,1ºC accuracy continuous temperature measurement of gaseous, liquid and solid substances depending on the connected sensor. Any crystalline or semiconductor sensor can be connected to the unit (thermistor, Pt100, etc.). The high-speed data communication is provided by the set up speed and the 3- digit LED display. In case of sensor replacement, the accuracy of the unit is ensured by the two-point calibration procedure.




Amplifier for measuring temperature  
Measurement range 20–50°C (expandable: 0–100°C)*
Measuring accuracy 0,1°C
Display 3 digit, LED
Internal calibration GND; 45OC=450mV
Output 10mV/°C
Input connector 6,3 Jack
Output connector 6,3 Jack
Power supply 110V or 220V, 50/60 Hz

* other desired value can be set, but requires prior consultation

Available models

EXP-TH-1 Temperature meter amplifier (1-channel)

EXP-TH-2 Temperature meter amplifier (2-channel)

EXP-TH-4 Temperature meter amplifier (4-channel)

You can find the optional accessories by clicking here

SEN-08-XX Respiratory sendor (for details see SEN-08-K01 datasheet)

SEN-06-XX Stick thermometer (for details see SEN-06-K01 datasheet)

SEN-07-XX Temperature sensor for organ perfusion or nerve tissue slice systems (for details see SEN-07-K01 datasheet)

SEN-09-XX Catheter temperature sensor (for details see SEN-07-K02 datasheet)

SEN-11-XX Body surface temperature sensor (for details see SEN-011-K01 datasheet)


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