• DC bridge amplifier designed for invasive blood pressure measurement

DC bridge amplifier designed for invasive blood pressure measurement

Amplifier for invasive blood pressure measurementAmplifier for invasive blood pressure measurement



The unit has been designed to measure specifically arterial, venous or cardiac ventricular pressure. Accordingly, it has internal calibration options, and can be connected to any blood pressure sensor in the market (default SEN-02). It is a guaranteed low -noise design with high filtration level.




DC bridge amplifier designed for invasive blood pressure measurement  
Amplification x 1 000
Bandwidth DC, 200Hz
Calibration levels GND, 10Hgmm / 100Hgmm (for the adjustment of the signal processing unit)
Balance adjustment ±300Hgmm / 3Hgmm related to the input
Bridge voltage +5V DC*
Offset adjustment ±6V related to the output
Display ±LED Bar
Input impedance 10MΩ symmetric
Output impedance 100Ω asymmetric
Input connector 9-pole D-SUB (Cannon)
Output connector 6,3 Jack socket
Power supply 110V or 220V, 50/60 Hz

* other desired value can be set, but requires prior consultation

Available models

EXP-HG-1 DC bridge amplifier (1-channel)

EXP-HG-2 DC bridge amplifier (2-channel)

EXP-HG-4 DC bridge amplifier (4-channel)

You can find the optional accessories by clicking here

SEN-02 Invasive blood pressure sensor


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