Zebrafish systems

The zebra fish (Danio rerio) examination systems of the MDE GmbH are supporting the methodological back-ground of the physiological, pharmacological and toxicological researches in the fields of cardiovascular function and group behavior, on the highest measurement technical and data processing level possible.

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CardioFish system

It provides an opportunity to examine heart function of the adult zebra fish. The system can be effectively used to examine the effects and side-effects of candidate medicine molecules in pharmacology, safety pharmacology and toxicology.

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PsychoFish system

Apart from the zebrfish's intensively popular cardiovascular usage, this species can also be efficiently used for neural and psycho-physiological/pharmacological basic- and applied researches. Examination and experimental influencing of neurotransmitter release is essential for studying information transfer between nerve cells and neural regulation of other organs.

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CellFish system

The workstation specially designed for the standard microelectrode technique was further developed for measurement of the summed voltage response (AP) of ion channels of the embryonic and adult zebrafish heart.

PsychoFish system

for quantitative monitoring and analyzing of group behaviour

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CellFish system

for the accumulated voltage response (AP) measurement of the embryonic and adult zebrafish heart ion channels.

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CardioFish system

for the examination of the heart functions of adult zebrafish

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