Cardiovascular measurer and analyzer systems

Cardiovascular measurer and analyzer systemsCardiovascular measurer and analyzer systems

ECG QT evaluation and QTv (variability) calculationECG QT evaluation and QTv (variability) calculation

BP controll boardBP controll board

Text messages for help of measurementsText messages for help of measurements

The CARDIOSYS measurer and analyzer system provides comprehensive, quick and efficient support for making the proper diagnosis.The configuring options of the system give the possibility to explore the more extensive side effects as well. The configurational extension needs minimal involvement of tools, it happens mostly in the software surface. The effectiveness is increased by the fact that the management of the measured and evaluated data allows to reach the well-known data acquisition systems.

The system is supplied in installed and portable formats, adult and child versions

The data recruited from the patients could be printed out, stored immediately.

By archiving the patients’ personal data the protection was also considered.

Cardiosys Basic

PC-based 12-lead ECG analyzer

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Cardiosys Plus

PC-based 12-lead ECG analyzer with blood pressure measuring module

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Cardiosys Extra

PC-based 12-lead ECG analyzer with blood pressure measuring and autonomic neuropathy module

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Ergo Stress

Telemetric cardiovascular analyzer for excercise tests

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