High end measurements for Medical Diagnostics

Medical Diagnostic Systems

The diagnostic systems within our portfolio offer significant benefits in the fields of cardiology and neuropathy, providing solutions with high sensitivity and specificity. These systems are equipped with user-friendly interfaces, tailored to reduce the time needed for staff to attain proficiency in their operation. With multifunctional capabilities, our objective is to facilitate simultaneous execution of diverse examinations, thereby enhancing overall system effectiveness while maintaining a realistic cost-benefit ratio.

The CARDIOLOGIC is a sophisticated cardiovascular system that offers unparalleled automated evaluation services for the investigation and analysis of standard 12-lead ECG signals and blood pressure values. It incorporates an automated Cardiac Neuropathy screening function, encompassing all five cardiovascular reflex tests, along with automatic score determination.

The NM-01/CPT is an electrodiagnostic device designed for automated neuroselective sensory nerve conduction threshold assessment, specifically targeting the painless current perception threshold (CPT). Through microprocessor-controlled, neuro-selective electrical stimuli, the system swiftly and painlessly quantifies the conduction threshold and functional integrity of large and small myelinated, as well as small unmyelinated sensory nerve fibers individually, on any skin surface of the body.

Performing combined testing of peripheral autonomic neuropathy (PAN) and cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy (CAN) is crucial for comprehensive assessment and management of neuropathic conditions. Therefor we worked out a mainly software based combined use of the Neurometer and Cardiologic solution, we designed a rigid and ergonomic case to accommodate the 2 devices to increase the mobility and provide easier storage for them.