Peripheral Neuropathy Screening

The NM-01/CPT is an electrodiagnostic device designed for automated neuroselective sensory nerve conduction threshold assessment, specifically targeting the painless current perception threshold (CPT). Through microprocessor-controlled, neuro-selective electrical stimuli, the system swiftly and painlessly quantifies the conduction threshold and functional integrity of large and small myelinated, as well as small unmyelinated sensory nerve fibers individually, on any skin surface of the body.

The NEUROMETER has been proven useful for clinicians in selecting the most appropriate therapy, as well as in monitoring and evaluating interventions in the following 
key application areas.

01 Diabetes

NEUROMETER tests detects prediabetic and diabetic nerve damage. Testing the longest nerve fibres in the body, located at the tip of the toe, allows the earliest detection. This allows early therapeutic intervention before the damage is irreversible. Examination of the higher parts of the foot allows the earliest stages of healing to be monitored.

02 Disc problems, whiplash / low back pain

The NEUROMETER immediately detects and assesses the difference between a neurological problem and a spinal muscle injury.

03 Early Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

NEUROMETER detects the presence of CTS earlier than any other test and then provides electrophysiological confirmation of treatment efficacy and progress monitoring.

04 Obesity

NEUROMETER evaluation detects nerve damage associated with obesity before it affects quality of life.

05 Pelvic pain

The NEUROMETER painlessly confirms proper or improper nerve function in conditions such as vulvodynia and interstitial cystitis.

06 Early Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

NEUROMETER accurately determines the effectiveness of dialysis therapy. Assessments can be conveniently performed during dialysis.

As the device is a universal neurological testing device, the above mentioned areas are only the most common used ones. The device can be used virtually in all neurological fields from internal medicine to urology-gynecology. The device itself is an easy-to-maintain unit that does not require major calibration or annual inspection.

High Specificity and Sensitivity

device the best available technology for detecting neurological problems


sold device since 2020 (Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, UK)

multi territorial USAGE

Ideal diagnostic tool for General Practitioners, Neurologists, Diabetologists

well known and published method,

world-wide known solution with no direct competition


according to MDD EC certificate’s No.: 5-867-600-1907

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