Complex Cardiovascular Screening

The CARDIOLOGIC is a sophisticated cardiovascular system that offers unparalleled automated evaluation services for the investigation and analysis of standard 12-lead ECG signals and blood pressure values. It incorporates an automated Cardiac Neuropathy screening function, encompassing all five cardiovascular reflex tests, along with automatic score determination.

Cardiologic enables you to comply with the American Diabetic Association’s recommendation for detecting Cardiac Autonomic Dysfunction by evaluating precise R-R changes with simple physiological excercises. 

Elements of system

01 Wearable medical grade ECG with 3 – 12 lead ECG cables

02 Wearable medical grade Non-Invasive Blood pressure meter

03 Tablet controlled wireless software solution – convenient usage

04 Combined wireless pressure sensor for the Valsalva maneuver
and Handgrip tests

05 Convenient rubber ball for the Handgrip


Automated Cardiac Neuropathy screening function with all 5 cardiovascular reflex test and automatic score value determination. At the end of the test the system provides a comprehensive report with the major cardiac parameters.

Examination of the parasympathetic functions:

  • Heart rate response to deep inspiration and expiration,
  • Heart rate response to the Valsalva maneuver,
  • 30:15 ratio: heart rate response upon standing up.

Examination of the sympathetic functions:

  • Decrease in systolic blood pressure upon sanding up,
  • Handgrip strength test: rise in diastolic blood pressure upon sustained handgrip.

No doctor presence is needed, a well-trained assistant can 
conduct tests

The system is flexible, conducted tests could be chosen

2 – 18 minute test procedure depending on the kind of performed tests
Functional system with online training included.

High Specificity and Sensitivity

device the most economically reasonable technology for detecting cardiovascular neuropathy


sold device since 2020 (Hungary, Baltics, UK, France, Australia, Romania, Greece, Poland, Finland)

multi territorial USAGE

Ideal diagnostic tool for General Practitioners, Neurologists, Diabetologists

well known and published method,

world-wide known solution with no direct competition


according to MDD EC certificate’s No.: 5-867-600-1907

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