Complex Neuropathic Screening

Performing combined testing of peripheral autonomic neuropathy (PAN) and cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy (CAN) is crucial for comprehensive assessment and management of neuropathic conditions. Therefor we worked out a mainly software based combined use of the Neurometer and Cardiologic solution, we designed a rigid and ergonomic case to accommodate the 2 devices to increase the mobility and provide easier storage for them.   

Major advantages of the combined usage of the Cardiologic and Neurometer 

The combined usage allows a more accurate diagnosis by considering the synergistic effects of both conditions, enhancing the overall understanding of the patient’s autonomic nervous system function.

Combined testing aids in early detection, enabling timely interventions to prevent or mitigate complications associated with PAN and CAN.

The combined screening provides a holistic approach to treatment planning, addressing the multifaceted nature of autonomic neuropathy and tailoring interventions to the individual patient’s needs.

This integrated approach enhances the monitoring of disease progression and treatment efficacy, promoting better long-term outcomes for individuals with autonomic neuropathy.

The combined peripheral and cardiovascular screening could be a useful tool for multiple areas of medical screenings here are some examples:

Military Screening
Enhanced Readiness: Combined screening ensures a thorough assessment of both peripheral and cardiovascular autonomic functions, promoting overall health and readiness among military personnel.

Diabetological Screenings
Comprehensive Diabetes Management: Combining peripheral and cardiovascular screening provides a holistic view of autonomic neuropathy in diabetics, aiding in personalized and effective diabetes management.

Sports Medicine:
Performance Optimization: Combined screening is valuable in assessing autonomic function in athletes, contributing to the optimization of performance by identifying and addressing potential limitations.

General Practitioners: 
Efficient Diagnosis: A combined screening approach streamlines the diagnostic process for general practitioners, providing a more efficient and comprehensive assessment of autonomic neuropathy.

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