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The CARDIOFISH system represents one of the most unique developments of our company. This innovative system offers the capability to examine the electrocardiogram (ECG) of adult zebrafish. Its versatility makes it an invaluable tool in various fields, including pharmacology, safety pharmacology, and toxicology.

CARDIOFISH system offers a comprehensive platform for studying cardiac function and pathology in adult zebrafish, facilitating both applied and fundamental research in cardiovascular science.

The CARDIOFISH system is particularly effective in assessing the effects and potential side effects of candidate medicine molecules. By analyzing the ECG of adult zebrafish, researchers can gain insights into the cardiac response to different compounds, aiding in drug development and safety assessment.

Moreover, the system is well-suited for basic research on arrhythmias and the regeneration abilities of the heart muscle. Researchers can utilize the CARDIOFISH system to study cardiac abnormalities and explore potential therapeutic interventions for various cardiac conditions.

Researching cardiac function in zebrafish offers valuable insights due to their genetic resemblance to humans, making them a cost-effective and ethically sound model. Zebrafish possess impressive regenerative capabilities, allowing for the exploration of cardiac repair mechanisms, which could inform therapeutic strategies for humans. Moreover, zebrafish exhibit sensitivity to pharmaceutical compounds, serving as an effective model for studying drug effects on the cardiovascular system and enhancing drug discovery efforts.

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