Isolated Tissue Bath setups

An isolated tissue bath serves as a specialized chamber where isolated tissues are placed to administer drugs or electrical stimulation, allowing researchers to measure their function accurately. Typically, the tissue in the organ bath is oxygenated with carbogen and immersed in a solution such as Krebs-Henseleit, Tyrode, or lactated Ringer solution to maintain physiological conditions.

This setup finds extensive use in pharmacology and physiology research, particularly in studying the contraction of smooth muscle tissues. Smooth muscle contraction in various organs and tissues, including the ileum, colon, vas deferens, trachea, bladder, corpus cavernosum, and blood vessels such as aortic rings or strips, can be investigated using isolated tissue baths.

Our company has been manufacturing in vitro pharmacological systems since 1991, with numerous references from Central Eastern Europe, the U.S., the U.K., and India.

Our isolated tissue bath system offers several key advantages:

  • Application of the tissue on the holder is conducted outside of the bath, enhancing ease of use.
  • We prioritize the use of glass only where essential, such as in the reservoir and tissue bath. Tissue holders made from Teflon prevent breakage, resulting in easier handling, longer lifespan, and a more robust design.
  • The bath volume can be precisely calibrated to the chosen volume (5 – 10 – 20 ml) by adjusting the immersion depth of the tissue holder.
  • Our system provides more accurate pretension of the muscles due to the manipulator’s lack of backlash during the process.
  • Separate reservoirs for each bath offer increased flexibility and modularity. If one reservoir breaks, it can be easily replaced, and any of the others can be used to supply the chamber missing its own reservoir.
  • The tubing system comprises simple silicon tubes, which clients can easily replace at any time without the need for special connections.
  • The bubbling system can be set at two points, allowing for more precise control of bubbling during experiments.
  • Our system features a rigid baseplate, ensuring noise-free recordings, easy cleaning, and maintenance.
  • We offer various solutions for tissue mounting, ranging from diaphragm preparation to aortic vessels and 1 ml volume baths, providing flexibility to meet diverse experimental needs.

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