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The effects of CRF and urocortins on the hippocampal glutamate release

Zsolt Bagosi, Bea ta Balango , Da vid Pinte r, Krisztina Csabafi, Miklo s Ja szbere nyi, Gyula Szabo , Gyula Telegdy
Neurochemistry International 90 (2015)

The Effects of Corticoptropin-Releasing Factor and the Urocortins on Striatal Dopamine Release Induced by Electrical Stimulation—An in vitro Superfusion Study

Zsolt Bagosi, Miklós Jászberényi, Erika Bujdosó, Gyula Telegdy
Neurochem Res (2006) 31:209–213

The effects of CRF and the urocortins on [3H]GABA release from the rat amygdala—An in vitro superfusion study

Zsolt Bagosi, Miklós Jászberényi, Gyula Szabó, Gyula Telegdy
Brain Research Bulletin 75 (2008) 15–17

Ghrelin and Nicotine Stimulate Equally the Dopamine Release in the Rat Amygdala

Miklós Palotai, Zsolt Bagosi, Miklós Jászbere ́nyi, Krisztina Csabafi, Roberta Dochnal, Máté ́ Manczinger, Gyula Telegdy, Gyula Szabó
Neurochem Res. 2013 Oct;38(10):1989-95.

The effects of endomorphins and diprotin A on striatal dopamine release induced by electrical stimulation—An in vitro superfusion study in rats

Zsolt Bagosi a, Miklós Jászberényi, Erika Bujdosó ́, Gyula Szabó, Gyula Telegdy
Neurochemistry International 49 (2006) 665–668

Correlation between slow-wave myoelectric signals and mechanical contractions in the gastrointestinal tract: Advanced electromyographic method in rats

Kalman F. Szucs a, Aniko Nagy b, Gyorgy Grosz c, Zita Tiszai a, Robert Gaspar
Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods 82 (2016) 37–44

Identification of myoelectric signals of pregnant rat uterus: new method to detect myometrial contraction

Kálmán F. Szűcs, György Grosz, Miklós Süle, Anikó Nagy, Zita Tiszai, Reza Samavati, and Róbert Gáspár
Croat Med J. 2017 Apr; 58(2): 141–148.

Detection of stress and the effects of central nervous system depressants by gastrointestinal smooth muscle electromyography in wakeful rats

K.F. Szűcsa, G. Groszb, M. Süleb, A. Sztojkov-Ivanova, E. Duczaa, A. Márkia, A. Kothencza, L. Baloghc, R. Gáspár
Life Sciences 205 (2018) 1–8

Peripheral and Autonomic Neuropathy Status of Young Patients With Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus at the Time of Transition From Pediatric Care to Adult- Oriented Diabetes Care

Anna Vágvölgyi, Ágnes Maróti, Mónika Szűcs, Csongor Póczik, Dóra Urbán-Pap, István Baczkó, Attila Nemes, Éva Csajbók, Krisztián Sepp, Pétter Kempler, Andrea Orosz , Tamás Várkonyi, Csaba Lengyel
Frontiers in Endocrinology Volume 12 Article 7

Why Not to Use the Handgrip Test in the Assessment of Cardiovascular Autonomic Neuropathy Among Patients with Diabetes Mellitus?

Anna E. Körei, Miklós Kempler, Ildikó Istenes, Orsolya E. Vági, Zsuzsanna Putz, Viktor J. Horváth, Katalin Keresztes, Csaba Lengyel, Ádám Gy. Tabák, Vincenza Spallone and Péter Kempler
Current Vascular Pharmacology, 2017, Vol. 15, No. 1