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increased short-Term Beat-to-Beat QT interval Variability in Patients with impaired glucose Tolerance

Andrea Orosz1, István Baczkó1, Szabolcs Nyiraty, Anna E. Körei, Zsuzsanna Putz, Róbert Takács, Attila Nemes4, Tamás T. Várkonyi2, László Balogh5, György Ábrahám2, Péter Kempler3, Julius Gy. Papp, András Varró,and Csaba Lengyel1,2*
Frontiers in Endocrinology Volume 8 Article 129

Comparison of the effects of IK,ACh, IKr, and INa block in conscious dogs with atrial fibrillation and on action potentials in remodeled atrial trabeculae

Viktor Juhász, Tibor Hornyik, Attila Benák, Norbert Nagy, Zoltán Husti, Róbert Pap, László Sághy, László Virág, András Varró, and István Baczkó
Can. J. Physiol. Pharmacol. 00: 1–8

The effects of homocysteine-related compounds on cardiac contractility, coronary flow, and oxidative stress markers in isolated rat heart

Vladimir Zivkovic, Vladimir Jakovljevic, Dusica Djordjevic, Milena Vuletic, Nevena Barudzic & Dragan Djuric
Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry An International Journal for Chemical Biology in Health and Disease


Maja Jevdjevic1, Ivan Srejovic2, Vladimir Zivkovic2, Nevena Barudzic2, Anica Petkovic2, Jovana Bradic2, Dragan Djuric3 and Vladimir Jakovljevic2

Glucagon Effects on 3H-Histamine Uptake by the Isolated Guinea-Pig Heart during Anaphylaxis

Mirko Rosic, Oberdan Parodi, Vladimir Jakovljevic, Maja Colic, Vladimir Zivkovic, Vuk Jokovic, and Suzana Pantovic
Hindawi Publishing Corporation BioMed Research International Volume 2014, Article ID 782709, 11 pages

Effects of PPARgamma agonist pioglitazone on redox-sensitive cellular signaling in young spntaneously hypertensive rats

Ima Dovinová, Miroslav Barancik, Miroslava Majzunova, Stefan Zorad, Lucia Gajdosechová, Linda Gresová, Sona Cacanyiova, Frantisek Kristek, Peter Balis, andJulie Y.H. Chan

Effect of MB327 and oximes on rat intestinal smooth muscle function

C. Königer, F. Worek, H. Thiermann, T. Wille ,
Chemico-Biological Interactions Volume 204, Issue 1, 25 June 2013, Pages 1–5

Concentration estimation via curve fitting_ Quantification of negative inotropic agents by using a simple mathematical method in guinea pig atria

Rudolf Gesztelyi, Judit Zsuga, Béla Juhász, Péter Dér, Miklós Vecsernyés, A. József Szentmiklósi

Capsaicin-induced nonneural vasoconstriction in canine mesenteric arteries

Robert Pórszász, Ágnes Porkoláb, Andrea Ferencz, Tünde Pataki, Zoltán Szilvássy, János Szolcsányi
European Journal of Pharmacology Volume 441, Issue 3, 26 April 2002, Pages 173–175

Adenosine deaminase inhibition enhances the inotropic response mediated by A1 adenosine receptor in hyperthyroid guinea pig atrium

Adam Kemeny-Bekea, Anita Jakabb, Judit Zsugac, Miklos Vecsernyesb, Denes Karsaib, Fanni Pasztorb, Maria Grenczerb, Andras Jozsef Szentmiklosid, Andras Bertaa, Rudolf Gesztelyib,
Pharmacological Research Volume 56, Issue 2, August 2007, Pages 124–131